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Fireworks Definitions

Fireworks Definitions

Aerial Firework these items are chain-fused fireworks that propel a series of aerial shells, comets or mines into the air from collectively attached tubes to produce various colors, noises, and effects. Aerial Fireworks come in a large variety of effects and sizes and are the most beautiful of show pieces of the consumer fireworks (a show in a box). They are also called "Cakes" or "Repeaters."

Artillery Shell a cartridge containing pyrotechnic composition, a burst charge, and an internal time fuse, that is launched into the air from a mortar creating a beautiful burst of firework display.

Barrage a rapidly fired sequence of firework effects.

Beehive a visual effect of color stars that actively are swarming around which illuminates into a visual Beehive appearance.

Brocade a large spherical break of stars that produce very long lasting trails dripping down, usually silver or gold.

Bottle Rocket a small rocket that shoots into the air with a variety of effects.

Break a term used when the shell bursts or opens up that in turn produces the effects and colors.

Cake is also known as an Aerial Firework or Repeater and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Chrysanthemum a dense spherical burst of stars, in which the stars leave a burning trail of particles as they expand outward. This is a very well known type of firework shell break.

Comet a star or fiery ball which emits a thick trail of sparks on the way up, following the star or ball and eventually burns out or fades away. These are sometimes added to a shell basically chasing the shell up until it breaks.

Cone a cone shaped fountain.

Crackle a rapidly popping or banging noise one after another.

Crossette a shell that when breaking splits across from each other usually in the shape of a plus sign moving outward.

Dragon Eggs a cluster of crackling sparks in the air.

Dahlia a floral break much like a peony but with bigger and longer lasting stars.

Diadem a large chrysanthemum with the willow effect.

Falling Leaf this effect is when stars fall down rocking back and forth method as a leaf falling down from a tree.ect when stars fall slowly down in a rocking back and forth method as a leaf falling down out of a tree

Fire Cracker a firework consisting of a small explosive charge and fuse in a heavy paper casing, producing a loud bang. These are sold individually or in rolls and bricks.

Finale a rapidly fired sequence of aerial fireworks, typically fired at the end of a display. Individual fireworks sometimes have a speed up ending such as a 25 shot cake shooting up 20 shots at a normal pace with the last 5 shots being fired rapidly.

Flying Fish this effect is when little specs of light (sometimes colored) swarm around in the air and propel themselves outward as a school of fish would when startled.

Fountain a device that projects a spray of sparks. These come in a variety of effects, colors, sounds, shapes and sizes.

Girandola special wheel which rises rapidly in the air while emitting a spray of sparks and, sometimes, a whistle. Some may end with breaks and or effects.

Glitter bright twinkling points of color within a firework.

Go Getters color stars that expand outward and appear self propelled sometimes having an unusual noise accompanying them.

Layer Effect effects that are fired at different levels. Example colored mines firing from the ground with crackling at the tips of the mine and larger breaks bursting above.

Mine multiple pyrotechnic effects that are ignited and dispersed into the air leaving a visual trail from the ground to the sky. These are found in preloaded tubes, reloadable tubes and cakes.

Missile a rocket shaped item. When ignited it is launched like a missile into the air. Some missiles have colored stars, reports or whistles. They come singular or in multi shot cakes.

Mortar a tube used to launch Artillery shells and mines into the air.

Mortar Rack sturdy wooden or metal frames used to support mortars in an upright position. These come in a variety of tube count and structural designs.

Palm Tree this effect looks like the large leaves hanging down from a Palm Tree.

Peony a flower like effect that is spherical shaped, the stars do not leave trails as they expand outward.

Pistil a small color or effect in the center of a display.

Report a loud bang sound.

Rocket a tube or cylinder with a cone shaped front attached to a guiding stick. Some rockets are designed to produce a variety of effects like some color, whistle, report, or other minor effect at the highest point of the flight path.

Roman Candle a cylindrical firework that projects a series of colored balls of fire into the air.

Salute loud report and white flash.

Scrambling Comet similar to a ground comet, these comets are contained in a shell and when the shell breaks the comets take off and fly in different directions.

Snake a pellet that when lit produces an ash in a long snake like effect.

Step Cake this type of cake shoots rapidly back and forth from right to left. These cakes have many tubes giving a full fan of effects into the air. The shots start on one side and then step up to the center and back down to the other side.

Strobe bright flashing stars that flash on and off during its performance.

Tail a trail of color or effects that follows the shell as it leaves the ground to the sky.

Wheel a circular firework that spins round and round emitting an assortment of colored sparks, noises and effects. This item is usually fastened to a post or tree by the use of a nail.

Willow a large round break that look like many fine branches hanging down from a willow tree.